About VizualCake

VizualCake is about giving a memorable gift to a special person. This recipient could be a loved one, a business connection, or a friend. Whatever the case, you'd like to give a gift that will make a lasting good impression.

The idea is that while shopping at VizualCake, you have the opportunity to put together a custom ensemble of items to create a unique recipient experience. There are already many places to buy flowers, fruit baskets, candy towers, and spa packages, so we have none of that. Instead, VizualCake features a selection of exquisite handmade items designed by me, Angela Bull.

I have been shopping and giving gifts for my whole adult life, Like many matriarchs, I select what other members of my family give, as well things coming directly from me. As an entrepreneur, married to an entrepreneur, I've also had many the occasion to select gifts for clients, partners, investors, and the like.
VizualCake will wrap your selections, pop them in a designer tote bag and ship them directly to you or your recipient. 

You'll notice as you browse around that there are a wide variety of prices. That's because impressive gifts don't necessarily have to be expensive. Though we certainly offer many luxury items, we also offer used books, because they are a guaranteed awesome read. They come exquisitely packaged with custom bookplates  of course!